Stop 1 - Welcome to Upper Tampa Bay Conservation Park

  • <p>Kayakers enjoying an aquatic adventure</p> <p>Two people in a tandem kayak paddle in the middle of a glistening expanse of water between banks of fluffy vegetation with a blue sky overhead and a boardwalk to the right. </p>
  • <p>Families love the park's fun and informative visitor's center.</p> <p>Two young children stand behind a blurry table with bones and turtle shells on it, looking intently at something in their hands. A wooden wall behind is covered with posters.</p>
  • <p>The boardwalks are popular for fishing year-round.</p> <p>A person wearing a grey hat and a blue tank top leans on the railing of a wooden boardwalk, holding a fishing rod out over the water</p>
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